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Kimono dressing and self-photography

I would like to offer my best wishes for the new year.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your continued support since we opened in June last year.

We would also like to express our heartfelt sympathies to those affected by the recent Noto Peninsula earthquake.

I sincerely hope that all of you who are working hard for the recovery work will be safe and do your best.

Studio Bubu is basically open all year round.

We were open during this New Year's holiday, but without reservations, we took our time cleaning the background cloth ✌️

I washed, dried and ironed my clothes at the coin laundry diagonally across from the studio.

Now we are welcoming new year customers 🎍

By the way, at the end of last year, Mr. K's family of 4 members took selfies.

Since the eldest son was about to celebrate his coming-of-age ceremony, we dressed the two of them in order to take pictures of his brave appearance in a haori, hakama and suit, and his mother's glamorous Japanese attire.

First, while the eldest son was taking a selfie in his suit, the mother was being dressed.

The kimono this time was my light blue homongi, and I lent you the entire set including the obi to match.

After taking a photo with the mother in Japanese clothes and the eldest son in a suit, we will have them transform from the suit to a haori and hakama.

Mr. K brought a rented haori and hakama.

Wearing a hakama! I have experience wearing hakama on girls several times, but this is my first time wearing a boy's hakama.

I had studied on YouTube, but while I was putting on the kimono, I repeatedly watched how to tie a cross, and somehow managed to complete it (sweat).

The tall young man’s haori and hakama look is dignified and admirable✨

First, I asked the person to hold the fan in his right hand and took a photo alone.

A father and his high school daughter arrived late.

It's finally time to take a group photo of the whole family.

The family members were actively exchanging opinions on posing, chair placement, etc. while taking pictures.